Things you may Know!

Things you may Know!


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This page is sharing the firmware of NV items of most mediatek, spreadtrum, qualcomm and more chipset devices.
The NVram item is the small part of firmware of devices are called modem file.
A modem file is a software file to support the hardware module of reading SIM carrier to connect and give signal to phone by identify of every phone via serial number or we called it IMEI.
IMEI is a 15 digit code that always found indicate on back housing of mobile phone below the name model.
Or you can see it by type a key on all devices *#06# on call dialer of your phone.

If not showed IMEI 15 digit after you type on dialer, You see on Mobile screen is Invalid IMIE or no IMEI showed, The result is the reading signal of your phone in subscriber is disconnected only emergency call only is only allowed.
The Good result of IMEI is ex. 123456789012345 - 15 digit.

Some problem if your phone show issue on screen display if no IMEI or Invalid

Emergency call only appear on screen
Invalid sim but showing the name of SIM network name
Unknown baseband most phone in about menu most of android phone
No SIM apps even if have SIM inserted

The NVRAM file firmware is need to flash to phone to prevent this problem.
Cause of problem issue as far i know in my experience

NVRAM files is use to repair INVALID SIM after damaged the security files when @user Full flashed the ROM to mobile phone, Nvram firmware is need to activate the serial number of mobile phone.
This files was backup in different format use file wisely and write the original IMEI when you want to flashing

Warning changing another IMEI of device is illegal, use the original number of IMEI you can found on back cover of mobile phone.
The NVRAM file is backup from its kind, model for educational purpose only, Do it at your own risk.
Nvram file is backup in different extension.
1. *spnv - for Cm2 tools
2. *bin - for NCK , Miracle, others that support bin file.
3. *tar/bin - for MTK droid tools.
4. *APDB - for Maui META 3G tool
Mail me if there is an invalid download address and i will fix it. Br. Admin emerlits gsm service
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